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  • Play Mafia City h5 ONLINE, become a true Godfather!

    Play Mafia City h5 ONLINE, become a true Godfather!

    Mafia City GAME, Call you lads and fight till the end or cower before him and lives a life of resentment? No matter what you choose, these trials are necessary for you to become a true Godfather!

    Mafia City was a masterpiece in the crime genre

    09:08, Wednesday 18 July 2018 | 0 commentaires | Lien
    Set in the 1940s during the height of World War II, mafia online focused on Sicilian Vito Scaletta as he used mob connections to escape the carnage in the European theater of operations as he began working on clearing the massive debt that his father had accrued back in the old country. Partnered with mob pals Joe Barbaro, Alberto Clemente and Henry Tomasino, Vito would quickly rise through the ranks of the Mafia with daring heists across the city of Empire Bay.
    With a tale that took place across continents, decades and lifetimes, Mafia City was a masterpiece in the crime genre. With a capable cast and visuals that were bleeding edge for its time in delivering emotions and action, the sequel to the 2002 game was lauded for its uncompromising vision and unrelenting brutality in crafting a world where actions spoke far louder than words ever could.

    Yotta Games' Mafia games have always been about family, loyalty and standing by your people when the going gets tough. Something that Mafia City pulled off with its cast of wiseguys.

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    English: Mafia City
    Chinese Traditional: 黑道風雲H5

    General Rules and Nominations in Mafia City h5

    08:06, Tuesday 3 July 2018 | 0 commentaires | Lien
    General Rules
    It's important that no one reveal their cards until they are dead. The one exception to this is the cop (or psychic) who may reveal his/her card at any time -- this is an important power of the cop (one of the few) and so should be emphasized. Dead people are allowed to open their eyes at night but must not participate in the game in any other way (they know who the mafia are and could easily ruin the game). Have people keep their cards face down in front of them and dramatically flip them up when they die (either defiantly or sheepishly as the case may be).
    Mafia City H5 Game
    First Night
    Now that everyone has their identities it's time for the Mafia Web Game to meet each other. Everyone must close their eyes. Then tell the mafia to open their eyes and reveal themselves to each other. The two mafia players (the people with the queens, remember?) will open their eyes and look around to see who the other mafia is. When they've had enough time to do this, tell them to close their eyes and have everyone open their eyes. That's the first night.

    Days -- The Lynching
    During the first day, as on every other day, the townspeople (including the mafia and the cop, since no one knows who they are) have a meeting. The goal of the meeting is to lynch a mafia member. Beginners might be appalled at the lack of actual information they have on which to base a decision but vigilantes have been lynching people for centuries on just about the same amount of information. Try not to worry about it.
    Mafia City H5 Game
    First, anyone can nominate someone to be lynched. They should give a reason but the reason doesn't have to make any sense. For example, "I nominate Tom because mom always liked him better." is a perfectly valid nomination (with a better reason than some I've heard).

    The Defense
    When there are three nominations each of the nominees, in the order of their nomination, gets to say why they should not be lynched. Their defense should be one or, if they are longwinded, two sentences -- short and to the point, we haven't got all day. "I'm innocent!", "Dave is the guilty one", "I heard John make a noise last night," and (my favorite), "I was Mafia City last game!" are all valid defenses. "I'm just a terrorist," is also legal but probably won't save your life. Common decency dictates that everyone should listen respectfully and not make rude comments during the defense statements but I've never seen it happen that way and, in any event, there's no way to stop them. But remember that the mafia would really like to manipulate the townspeople into lynching other townspeople so you want to watch for that.

    Mafia City’s world was populated at the very last minute

    05:56, Tuesday 26 June 2018 | 0 commentaires | Lien
    “The things we got knocked for, once mafia game came out, were always known,” said one person who worked on the game. “We just couldn’t get traction on it. Like the game being grindy and repetitive—we all knew that for years, had hundreds of conversations about it, and just couldn’t get upper management to agree with us. And then we’d go to focus testing, and they’d go, ‘The game’s too grindy.’ We’d go, ‘We’re in beta, can’t do much about it.’ Mafia could’ve been better than it was. All the issues, the floor knew about for years—we just couldn’t get the director level to agree with us.”
    mafia city h5
    Thanks to these fights, technological impediments, and other roadblocks, the mafia mmorpg team had to crunch long and hard toward the end of the project, putting in nights and mandatory Saturdays to get their game out the door. One group of designers, engineers, and artists crunched for nearly a year to add details to Mafia City’s world, filling the game’s virtual New Orleans with civilians, protests, and people who just loved jumping in front of your car.

    Mafia City’s world was populated at the very last minute.
    mafia city h5

    Outside of the grindiness, the biggest complaint about Mafia City was that it was full of bugs, which people who worked on the game blame on two main factors. The first was that they’d never made an open-world game like this, full of simulations and complicated mechanics. “In the previous Mafia games, which were using the same tech, there wasn’t much going on,” said one person. “You just drove from mission to mission. It was a big leap to have an actually populated world full of content.”

    If you want to know more about this game,Visit Mafia City official site. In addition, the Chinese version of the game (黑道風雲) also has been launched.

    Author: SmallSheepDudugo

    I'm not familiar with the melee and gunplay system in Mafia city

    08:23, Thursday 14 June 2018 | 0 commentaires | Lien

    Joe announced the trap was set and the demo master steered Vito out of the conference room – blood stain still conspicuously un-cleaned. But I guess you can't count on NPCs to act completely realistically, whatever Grace promises; unless you'd rather suffer a carpet-cleaning minigame. But, Grace did say that the mob boss's goons would start shoving you around if you dared walk too close to the mob boss – or just stood around too long, so there's all the realism you need, right?

    Back to the plan that will never work. Vito and Joe made their slow way up to the roof via the stairs. I found myself wondering if boredom counts as immersion, or if the developer was trying to avoid rendering cut scenes by having these lengthy in-game nothing-is-happening-so-let's-chat sequences. The dialog between the two mob buddies was amusing, I suppose – but for someone who's seen Goodfellas half a hundred times, it was nothing special.

    Once on the roof, a short cut scene showed two mob goons hanging out on the roof hocking loogies at pedestrians down below; Joe gives Vito a gun and the game lets the player take control again. Grace took a moment to explain that you had a choice in resolving the issue of expectorating goons. You could be non-violent and go back the way you mafia game, skirting around a different path to the other side of the roof, he said. But because that third element – the intense gunplay – hadn't had the limelight yet, of course our demo master opted to shoot the place up.
    I'm not familiar with the melee and gunplay system in Mafia city, other than hearing that it was broken, so forgive me if I make stuff sound new that's old. But what I saw was a cover system, over-the-shoulder aiming, regenerating health, almost now heads-up display icons (besides a targeting reticule) and tactical AI that also uses the cover system. It looks like you can knock enemies out of cover with a careful shot to the knee or the shoulder – but what you really want to do is score a headshot before you take roughly three or more hits and die (sort of like you would in real life). According to Grace, this combat system is very much improved over Mafia I – and again, being that this build is pre-alpha, it's probably only going to get better. I'm just pleased that there's a shotgun you can pick up after offing the enemies on the roof.
    With the goons shot up, our heroes then bound and gagged the real window washers and stole their ride. Yet again, we got the nothing's-happening lull in action – but this time at least you could ogle the city on the ride down to the conference room. Once down by the conference room, you could turn and look inside – which later causes problems with Grace's realism claims.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Mafia City official site ( Yotta game studio),chinese version mafia game name is 黑道風雲H5, thank you!

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    Mafia City was a masterpiece in the crime genre
    General Rules and Nominations in Mafia City h5
    Mafia City’s world was populated at the very last minute
    I'm not familiar with the melee and gunplay system in Mafia city



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