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  • Pokemon Mega - H5 game comes for U

    Pokemon Mega - H5 game comes for U

    Tribute to childhood classics Pokemon Mega is about to start

    08:45, Wednesday 27 December 2017 | 0 commentaires | Lien

    mega pokemon pushes you to train many creatures to have a well-balanced team, but this takes a lot of time and some players may wish to focus on only one or two Pokemon instead.

    Niantic, the lab that developed the game, declined to comment on Friday on an eventual launch. Chief executive John Hanke said in an interview that it would be technically possible to launch in China, but noted a host of complex rules and restrictions.


    pokemon mega instantfuns

    From catching Arbok on the Metro to throwing Poke Balls in Connaught Place, an adventure in two worlds


    When users try to play the game they are greeted by a message that says: "Our servers are humbled by your incredible response. We are working to resolve the issue. Please try again soon!"


    Instantfuns companies released their first h5 game - Pokemon Mega

    The new Pokemon game for switch


    He said they were working on enhancing the functions of “pokestops” and “gyms,” located at various landmarks within a user’s neighbourhood, and unveiled the identities of the three virtual leaders of the teams - Blanche for Team Mystic, Spark for Team Instinct and Candela for Team Valor.

    Pokemon Mega game players have another chance to get their hands on some rare items. Instantfuns is distributing another batch of free Mega Stones via Mystery Gift right now.



    The breathtaking popularity of Pokemon Mega was many years in the making. It built on the enduring appeal of a game that was launched 20 years ago and on the layers of technology that developed over years. pokemon mobile game couldn’t have happened if Niantic Labs hadn’t made Ingress earlier, which in turn couldn’t have happened without Google Maps. (Niantic Labs jointly developed Pokemon Mega with Pokemon Co., an affiliate of the Kyoto, Japan-based Instantfuns.)

    You will have to give a US billing address to authenticate your account - so time to look up your long-lost cousin from Minnesota.


    Gameplay involves capturing Pokemon that are near your real-world location (by throwing virtual Poke balls) and filling up your Pokedex.

    If all you wanted to do is play a normal Pokemon game, then why didn’t you just play Pokemon Sun/Moon instead? A Pokemon Mega RPG isn’t meant to let you reach 100 with all your pokes within a week and have all the content finished by then.

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    Tribute to childhood classics Pokemon Mega is about to start



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