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  • Prom Dress

    Prom Dress

    you accompany her to choose the wedding dress in the atelier

    03:28, Tuesday 22 January 2019 | 0 commentaires | Lien
    You met him when the first times came out, but somehow immediately, or over time, you realized that something is wrong with your best friend's boyfriend. So, when she gave you the wedding invitation, you would have liked to tell her some things. Perhaps you have carefully read the marriage invitation and have enjoyed it, but inside you there was a hint. If you can not forget that "but" that buzzes in your head plus size red bridesmaid dresses, even today when you accompany her to choose the wedding dress in the atelier, here is some advice to decide what to do and to clarify the ideas.
    Because you do not like it: the reasons

    Before talking about the boyfriend to your friend, try to understand what are the motivations that make you nervous or unsuspecting. It is good to analyze the situation well, because you might believe that you see something that does not exist, or that has to do with your past. If you have the evidence of a betrayal over time, that of course is a concrete element, while the fact that it is too oppressive or continually fills with messages with romantic phrases could be first of all your perception.

    So before anything else try to concentrate to understand if the problem is objective, if it is something that annoys you (not all people can be nice, but that's your problem!) Or if you simply believe that certain attitudes of the future groom can seriously damage your relationship with your dear friend.

    Reason 1: it annoys me but it is a person ok!
    In case you understand that your friend has found a suitable companion to you, but you do not find a connection, this is certainly something not alarming!

    to complete a vintage wedding dress and a bridal impact

    04:12, Thursday 17 January 2019 | 0 commentaires | Lien
    If you are looking for something special and bright to wear at your feet on your wedding day, this year's wedding shoe collections offer us different models with inserts and jewel appliqués, on the toe, on the sides and even on the heel! Elegant shoes, glamor or with an extravagant touch ... We have collected the 30 most beautiful jewel shoes offered by the major bridal fashion brands prom dresses, to complete your wedding dress with a sparkling mood!

    Décolleté and sparkling mary jane

    It is the great return of the timeless décolleté, the classic wedding shoes, which in recent years are reinvented and reproposed in new and original versions, to meet the demands of those brides who look for that extra detail through their bridal look. use of alternative colors to white, different materials, wide or stiletto heels and of any height, as well as special and original inserts.
    This year among the trendy wedding décolleté we find those with sparkling applications on the tip! From Lodi, Gucci to Manolo Blahnik, there are many brands that offer these elegant women's shoes, always a classic for the bride, adding brooches and shiny decorations right on the tip.
    Luxury models
    For brides that are not satisfied and ask even more, among the most glamorous and sparkling décolleté of this year, we find the wonderful proposals of Charlotte Olympia, pink décolleté with tiny gem applications on all the footwear, including the heel, and those by Pura López, as well as the mary jane by Anniel and Gucci: ultra chic and hyper sparkly wedding shoes, to complete a vintage wedding dress and a bridal impact look! But if what you are looking for is something that will leave you and your guests really open-mouthed, you can not miss the seductive cleavage with transparent crystals of Aquazzurra ... you will fall in love!

    Veiled transparencies feature Empire-style wedding dresses

    04:28, Tuesday 15 January 2019 | 0 commentaires | Lien
    Geometric shapes with a textured effect set against a riot of flowing fabrics with motifs that evoke the world of nature and the sweet textures of a bouquet of flowers. The backs are left uncovered to the gentle gaze of others with vertiginous and sensual necklines.
    A wide palette of romantic shades
    The palette sweeps over the bold tones of ivory white, and also on strong shades. Veiled transparencies feature Empire-style wedding dresses with gold and silver detailing, leaving room for the intense shades of red shop for mother of the bride dresses, gray and black and the more delicate pastels.
    There are also fascinating accessories, such as hoods, feather boas Gillne, veils and chic hair clips.
    We dreamed of 2018 wedding dresses but the news of the Cymbeline line for next year have literally bewildered us for the refinement of the details. Discover in our catalog the entire collection and imagine what will be the set that with the make up and bridal hairstyle will compose the outfit of the most important day of your life!
    Lace laying dresses made of fine fibers; put in mikado, organza, crepe: the whole line boasts of a high quality workmanship and a unique style. Textured v-shaped bodices on flowing skirts enter the scene; feathers and sophisticated applications on mermaid wedding dresses with corsé and skirts that shape the silhouette and then abandon to graceful aftermath.

    This will allow you to be ready well in advance and maybe to lend a hand to your spouse, helping her in the thousands of commissions she has to do, perhaps taking care of the band or giving her a hand with wedding favors. You will be infinitely grateful!
    In this case, your bride will probably have opted for a sophisticated lace wedding dress and you will have chosen a tailcoat or a tuxedo combining patent leather shoes ... the mustaches will be perfect to complete your outfit! Even the most dandy or savage spouses can choose handlebar mustache or thirties (very thin) so as not to betray their unmistakable style on their wedding day.

    the beautiful wedding dresses arrangements to the style

    06:39, Thursday 10 January 2019 | 0 commentaires | Lien

    The maid of honor is a figure present since ancient times, when some women wore a dress similar to the wedding dress to confuse the evil spirits. Today this tradition has turned into an opportunity to give a touch of glamor to the wedding, choosing for some friends or relatives of the beautiful wedding dresses arrangements to the style of marriage. If you still do not know how many and which bridesmaids to choose, take a look at these tips and get ready to rehearse for the wedding bouquet!

    All in family
    If you have one or more sisters or cousins with whom you maintain good relations, asking them to be your bridesmaids is a great idea. This choice is perfect especially if the age difference is not very large.

    Having alongside you, in the organization of marriage, of the people with whom you have grown up will undoubtedly be invaluable support; after all, it was when you were little that you imagined together the wedding dress in lace with which you would arrive at the altar. But be careful: if you have a large family, you could run the risk of leaving out some relatives who could take it, sparking family quarrels.

    Almost sisters
    There are bonds that, although not of blood indian prom dresses, are just as strong: those with the friends of the heart. The women you have chosen to bring into your life will be the perfect companions both during the organization of the wedding and on the wedding day. You can share with them the doubts on the wedding sandals, the dress and the hairstyle, receiving (almost) always sincere and sincere answers. Furthermore, if you have a close-knit group of friends, one of the advantages will be to have people working alongside you as a team to help you make your big day perfect ... and your bachelorette party!

    they will have an even wider range of choice than the dress

    03:55, Monday 7 January 2019 | 0 commentaires | Lien
    They will accompany you to choose the bouquet of flowers with the most colorful nuances, they will give you sincere advice and will follow you even for the smallest details as for the choice of wedding favors. Being a maid is a real honor and also provides a small investment in money. With our advice you will be able to cut costs for their ceremonial dress and to preserve all the magic of the moment.
    1. The choice of outfit
    Tranquillize your bridesmaids for the cost of elegant ceremonial dress. There are many models at reasonable prices and show off a simple outfit with the right accessories can be a good compromise to present themselves with great style and elegance. Beauty does not therefore rhyme with expensive. Also, do not be too demanding in terms of elegance, so they can make changes to their wedding dress and will not be forced to *** a new one for your occasion.
    For elegant shoes caribbean blue bridesmaid dresses, on the other hand, they will have an even wider range of choice than the dress; help them and select one of the many shoes in the closet before reaching their favorite center store!
    2. Make up for everyone

    You can not think of the look without bringing up the trick: but how to cut expenses? Do not worry, you can advise the bridesmaids to rely on the hand of experienced professionals all together, so as to require a small percentage discount. Alternatively, if they are not unanimous in their choice or want to opt for an even more advantageous solution, do-it-yourself make-up can do for them. Among all the bridesmaids there will certainly be someone who has a greater sensitivity in terms of beauty and makeup, why not take advantage of it?

    that reflected in all the details of this American-style wedding

    04:03, Thursday 3 January 2019 | 0 commentaires | Lien
    Anna and Luca were neighbors at the Istituto Commerciale di Maglie, their country: it was 2001 when they fell in love. But, you know, when you're just kids, the heart beats, the mind chisels and love is more sincere than ever. After so many "pull and spring" the boys understood that no, do not escape from true love. The summer after maturity they got engaged and did not leave anymore: it was 2006 and their relationship was becoming mature as the sweetest of fruits.

    Dreams that are not in a hurry
    It was during another marriage, that of the sister of the bride, that the official proposal took place, with a video and a song. Four years passed without anything being officially organized: Anna and Luca lived together and did not feel the need to take this step in a hurry.

    Expects worthwhile
    The marriage of the two young people could not be better: the long wait was rewarded by a very special day. The wedding was celebrated outdoors, in the evocative olive grove of the Tresca Estate, in the province of Lecce. The photos and video of Produzioni Accogli recount with harmony the succession of magical moments that characterized the day of July 30, 2017. Everything took place on site dark green cocktail dress, from the civil ceremony in a rain of lanterns, to games with friends in the middle of clearing.
    The decorations, taken care of in detail by Donato Chiriatti of Aradeo, created a fairy-tale atmosphere that reflected in all the details of this American-style wedding, slightly shifting the antique pink bridesmaids skirts and caressing the shirts of the witnesses under lively braces. To celebrate the bride and groom, the friends gathered in a big circle, surrounding the kiss of Anna and Luca with all their affection and a contagious joy. The groom dived into a memorable diving and all together pushed themselves towards the sky, in a jump in the countryside of Lecce.

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    you accompany her to choose the wedding dress in the atelier
    to complete a vintage wedding dress and a bridal impact
    Veiled transparencies feature Empire-style wedding dresses
    the beautiful wedding dresses arrangements to the style
    they will have an even wider range of choice than the dress



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